Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Granite Troubles

Since I didn't splurge on new cabinets I wanted to go all out for the counter top material.  The old laminate would have to go.  In fact it was bubbling up in some spots.

I thought about Quartz.  The Silestone and Ceasarstone counters were modern, uniform and what I thought I wanted.  However, after speaking with some real estate people, they told me what buyers in the Syracuse, NY area want is granite.

Since I was not sure how long we would be in this house, I decided the wise move would be to pick a granite.

The challenge was finding a granite that was uniform, without the typical 'blotchiness'.  I found this was quite impossible.  Also, I wanted a light granite, even white.  Again, hard to find.  I ended up finding a granite (in NJ) called 'River White'.  It really is gray, but has white in it and no browns.  That was important.

So the exciting installation day came and it looked great, BUT,  after the installers left the one and only seam caught my eye:

 This looked terrible!  The color tones do not match up.
 The above photo is the River White and where the gray vein comes in.
 This is the River White on a whiter section.

I couldn't live with the contrast at the seam.  I called the fabricator.  They ended up ordering another slab up from NJ.  I went in to the shop and tried to pick a spot where the match would be better.  These granite guys have a tough job with the matching.  It's very difficult to get a good match at the seams, especially if there is a limited supply of the material.

The granite people agreed to cut another piece so that matching might be better.  I'm crossing my fingers......  The installation of the new piece is tomorrow.

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