Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kitchen Reno in progress.....

I started to paint the kitchen cabinets.  It involves a tedious process that I've found here and here.  My version includes:

1. Sanding down the cabinets and roughing them up to get the glossy-ness off of them

2. Wiping the dust down with a damp cloth and letting the wood dry

3. Prime with an alcohol based primer made by Zinzer - It's called Bin and comes in a red and white paint can.  Beware because this stuff smells!  The advantage to it is that it dries and can be re-coated within 45 minutes!

4. Sand down with about 100 grit sand paper or sand sponge.

5. Since my cabinets were oak and the stain was very much ingrained in the cabinets, prime again.

6. Wait 45 minutes and sand again.

7. Put 2 coats of the final paint using Benjamin Moore 'Impervo' Latex based paint.  This stuff is great for cabinets and dries with a very hard finish.  The color I used is BM 'White Dove' or is it 'Dove White'?  It is not a stark white, but it is not creamy white either.  I love it and used it throughout the trim of my house also.  The BM 'Impervo' is also is not too glossy which I like for cabinets.  Wait a few hours between coats.

 There is a big difference already!  The incredible power of paint!
Do you see those spray marks on the section of the island that is to be removed?  I cheated.  This was a very tedious job so after painting several cabinets, I decided to hire out the rest to a painter.  They came in, taped the floor off and sprayed.  It took them 3 days and they were done.  I know I spent a bit more to have them come in (OK, almost $1000 more), but it would have taken me a month to finish.

Next up is the final reveal, so stay tuned!


  1. I love what you have already done! I can't wait to see the end product. Are you a designer?

  2. Thanks for your comment! I am very far from a designer. I'm just a gal trying to make my house feel more like home!

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