Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Granite Install....Take 2

You remember the exiting (at least for me) installation day for my counters.  I was very excited to see my River White granite in place.  Everything was great until I saw:

Ouch.  That. Granite. Does. Not. Match.  at the seam.  I went down to the fabricator and to be fair, it looked fine in their warehouse lighting.  In my kitchen it looked like the above photo.  The fabricator brought up another slab from NJ, I went in and we matched it up.  Now it's much better!  Take a look:

Tremendous difference.  This I can live with.  Many thanks to Roma Marble and Tile who made sure they had a satisfied customer.

The grand kitchen reveal coming up soon......


  1. I know now what color granite you used. Good choice!

    Chyanne M.

  2. Wow! Very pretty!

  3. Thanks anonymous! And Chyanne M. your blog is great!

  4. Your kitchen came out so beautiful! Great job Tania!!! :)