Friday, February 18, 2011

The Kitchen Reveal!

Since this is only my 4th or so post, I know you'll remember my old kitchen.


Not much to be desired.  After painting the cabinets, building up the island, new appliances, taking down that brick wall and some other things.....


Ahh....much better.  I know it's a bit self indulgent, but off I go....more before and afters:

BEFORE of the desk area:

...and the much better AFTER:

I am looking for a chair for the desk, but overall so much better!

Here are some more photos.  In the island I opted for a much smaller sink so I would have more counter space:

I also went with a single larger sink.  I've previously had a double sink and was always struggling to wash large items in it.  With this baby, my kids want to take a bath in it!  I highly recommend a large single sink if you use the dishwasher daily.  A double sink is good if you hand wash lots of items in which case soaking is a must. 

 I, however, love my dishwasher and run it 2 times a day.  I would wash myself in there if I could!

Here are some shots with the counter top with the back splash and the wall color.  The counters are granite, River White.  I originally wanted the marble, but after some research decided I would be too stressed about dings and etchings, especially with 3 kids running around.

I saw the River White and loved it.  There are sections I love more than others, but since my cabinets are white it gives some subtle contrast.  I have begun to fall in love with the light garnet spots in some of the lighter areas.

Take a look:

This section is from the desk area.  Here, I decided to go with the granite back splash instead of the subway tile so some of the wall color can be seen.  The wall color is BM Night Mist and I love it.  It's subtle but not washed out.

Here are a couple of shots of my oven/stove and microwave area:

I went with all Bosch appliances (except for my Sub-Zero fridge which I did not replace).  So far I am happy with Bosch.  After much hemming and hawing, I decided to convert my electric top to gas.  Excellent decision!  Love the gas!

I'm not sure what I'm doing in the kitchenette area.  I love the table, but the bench doesn't match and the chairs either have to go or need some paint.  Suggestions, please.

Phew!  Overall I'm very happy with my new kitchen.  It didn't break the bank either since I painted the cabinets, installed the cabinet hardware and painted the walls.  Lots of hard work.  We hired an excellent contractor to rebuild the island, take down the brick wall and install the moldings on the cabinets....oh, and the back splash, install the faucets and refinish the floors.

Boy, am I pooped!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Granite Install....Take 2

You remember the exiting (at least for me) installation day for my counters.  I was very excited to see my River White granite in place.  Everything was great until I saw:

Ouch.  That. Granite. Does. Not. Match.  at the seam.  I went down to the fabricator and to be fair, it looked fine in their warehouse lighting.  In my kitchen it looked like the above photo.  The fabricator brought up another slab from NJ, I went in and we matched it up.  Now it's much better!  Take a look:

Tremendous difference.  This I can live with.  Many thanks to Roma Marble and Tile who made sure they had a satisfied customer.

The grand kitchen reveal coming up soon......