Monday, June 27, 2011

Jersey Shore - Best Place On Earth? I don't know if the Jersey Shore is the best place on earth, but for me it's up there.  Besides the Caribbean Ocean, there is no better beach than the one right outside the beach house I grew up (over the summers) in Mantoloking, New Jersey.

This is the view.....can you see why I love this place?

But it's more than just the view. 

It's the surfing:

And the swimming:

Goofing off after dinner on the beach:

Enjoying a slice of watermelon on the deck:

Playing on the lifeguard's chair after she's done for the day:

Fishing.......and......catching a.......

Sand Shark!!

He's kinda cute for a shark.

 Having a pow wow on the beach, under the umbrella (ella, ella):

A nice fire on the sand:

What's better than all of this??  I know the Jersey Shore is not very exotic, but there's no where else I'd rather be during the summertime!!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Ikea Rast Side Table Hack

One of my favorite design blogs is Aubrey and Lindsey's Little House Blog.  Lindsey has a wonderful sense of design - simple and clean.

When we moved, I wanted to simplify my bedroom.  I had huge furniture (see below)

 Including gigantic bedside tables (below)
I sold the entire set on Craigslist before our move date.  I bought a new bed and needed bedside tables.  I saw one I liked and could not believe it was an Ikea Hack!

So I went out and bought 2 Ikea Rast tables and refinished them.  

This is the Ikea Rast:

After refinishing using Lindsay's method I ended up with this:


I did not paint the inside drawers:

I used a nickel finish instead of Lindsay's bronze pulls:

It took me 2 days to finish.  It would have taken less time but I primed and painted 2 coats of the white.  (I ended up using BM White Dove.  The BM Chantilly Lace was a little too bright for me, especially with the contrasting walnut stain).  I poly-ed the stained portion also.

At first I thought they were too small, especially compared with the monster bedside tables I used to have.  But I really like them now.