Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Kitchen Renovation!

 So here is my very first post.  We bought this house 6 months ago and I knew the very first thing to be changed is the kitchen.  I'm not digging the brown cabinets.  Or the island light that looks like it belongs over a pool table.  And did you see that brick wall back there.  It's actually half brick and it was a 'designed feature'.  Sorry, not my taste.
 This is the future built in desk area.  Looks a little sad right now.
 Overall shot of the kitchen viewed from the family room.  (Above)
This kitchen is also in desperate need of lighting.  It only has that one island light and some under cabinet lighting right now.

The plan is:
1. Paint, paint, paint the cabinets white!
2. Take out half the cabinets at the island to create island seating for the kiddos
3. Change the microwave, oven, dishwasher
4. Change the counter tops
5. Change lighting fixture
6. Remove brick wall
7. Paint wall and trim
and here's the kicker - -
8. Stay within a reasonable budget.  Can it be done??  Stay tuned........


    From dark to light. :) It looks better than the previous one. You made a good choice of color as well. Light colors such as Mustard Yellow and Wyeth Blue is very trendy these days. Also, painting your door with a unique shade is the simplest way to give it a refreshing look.

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