Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Late Christmas Roundup

Yes.  I realize Christmas is over but I wanted to post these cute little ornament animals we made inspired by Sherry and John.

Below is a rubber spider my son had in his bin.  Painted green with craft paint, it doesn't look so scary!  

This dog is from an old Wizard of Oz set.  We had 4 of these 'Toto' guys floating around so I painted them blue and hung them on our tree!

Here is how to make these ornaments:

1. Find a bunch of critters from the land of forgotten toys. 

2.  Drill a small hole in each figure. 

3.  Screw in small hooks, the kind that come with picture frame hangers.

4.  Prime them with spray paint primer.  Let them dry for 2 hours.

5.  Paint the figure your choice of color with craft paint.  Let dry for at least 1 hour, repeat as   necessary.  2 coats were enough for these.

This is what they looked like after priming:

Above is my tree..... with a little green fishie.

The family room mantle:

Christmas cards hung with clothespins:

Now I can put Christmas behind me!  I hope yours was merry and bright! 

Happy New Year!


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  1. Actually it IS Armenian Christmas, so maybe my post was timely! :)