Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Ramblings

Fall is is not my favorite season.   This is mostly because summer is over (boo hiss) and we are heading into the cold winter.   BUT..........

This year I have a positive new outlook on the fall season.  This is largely due to the fact that I've taken up running in the woods.  Yes.  I feel one with nature and it feels great!  Now I can understand why my little sister would talk and sing to trees.  (Arp, you were ahead of your time).

Check out this beautiful waterfall below.  I plan on putting this photo in a frame and hanging it on one of my many blank walls.

This waterfall is in my very own town!  I had no idea.  Goes to show you that by trying something new (running for me) it can lead to other awesome perspectives.  But I digress.....more on running for a later post.......

Okay, now that I was psyched for fall:

We went apple picking:

And to the dairy farm to get pumpkins:

Oh....we had a blast at my brother's wedding:

Made a not-so-scary scarecrow:

Watched my son get a higher belt in Karate:

And got ready for Halloween:

All in all, a very fun Fall!  

Happy Halloween!


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