Wednesday, April 27, 2011

White Kitchen Inspiration

I looked through many (say, a zillion) pictures of kitchens to get an idea of what I wanted my kitchen to look like.   Although my kitchen does not look exactly like any one of these, I did take elements from most of them.  It was important for me to look at as many examples as possible to really narrow down the look I wanted.

Mostly I wanted a clean, white space with a hint of blue on the wall.

This kitchen was my main inspiration.  It was for sale and is located in Australia, if you're interested in new digs, mate.

Photo credits:  House of Turquoise

The whole house is gorgeous so I encourage you to check it out by clicking the House of Turquoise link.

Ok, enough gushing....  More kitchens:

This is the Something's Gotta Give (movie) kitchen.  Very copied, but always a classic.  I like the white subway tile and used this element for my own kitchen.

 Speaking of back splash, I love this blue subway tile (below).  I would have loved to use a color, but I figured white would not get tiring and is universally accepted if I ever sell the house.

 This kitchen (below) has glass counter top on the island and caesarstone on the perimeter.  I love how the glass looks like water.  The glass subway tile is the same color as the island counter, but less intense. 

Here are some more:

This one (above) has the inside of the cabinets painted blue adding softness to the white.

This one (above) has Ceasarstone and a classic farmhouse sink.  Great combo!

The one above is a bit on the modern side, but I like how the stainless farmhouse sink, the classic lights and the chunky stools and table pull it back to a classic modern.  Does that make sense?  I love the marble look.   The counters could be a Quartz called White America.

Have any favorites?


  1. Very Nice photos and inspiration!

  2. I was looking for white kitchen inspiration...this was just what I needed! Thanks.

  3. Glad you liked the photos, Pat. Good luck with your kitchen.