Saturday, April 7, 2012

Painting Cabinets: A Quick Primer.....

 ......on primer!

The right primer makes painting cabinets so much easier in much less time.  Your cabinets can go from this:

to this:

in less than an hour!  Well, actually, the first 2 coats of primer can be done in an hour.

First you start by picking up some of this:


It is BIN Shellac Base Primer.  It smells really terrible so be sure to wear a mask.  If you can close the door (like in a bathroom) please close it.  If you can't (like in a kitchen) you should seal it off with tape, staples and plastic sheets.  I really smells THAT bad.  BUT if you want the job done quickly, this is the way to go.  It dries in 45 minutes!  Then you are ready for another coat of primer, then you can paint 2 coats of your regular paint.

To break it down, these are the steps:

1. Sand your cabinets (it is optional to take off the doors.  I did not).
2. Wipe your cabinets down to remove any sanding residue.
3. Prime with BIN Shellac Base.
4. Wait 45 minutes.
5. Sand and wipe down the cabinets down again.
6. Prime again with BIN Shellac Base and wait another 45 minutes.
7. Sand the cabinets again.  Touch it.  They will be nice and smooth after sanding.
8. Wipe down the cabinets again to get any residue from the sanding off.
9. Paint the cabinets with BM Impervo.  This is great for cabinets.  It creates a hard shell perfect for durability a cabinet requires.


 I've also heard great things about BM Advance but I haven't tried it. 

10. Be patient here.  I like to wait overnight before I sand and wipe down again, then...
11. Paint a second coat of Impervo.  So I sort of lied about having cabinets painted in 1 day.  But if they don't need another coat then 1 day would do it.

12. After your 2nd coat of Impervo, let the cabinets dry overnight (yes, again) then change out the hardware (knobs).

You will love them!

Here are some in progress pics:

This is after the first coat of BIN Shellac Primer

 This is after the second coat of primer

This is after the second coat of BM Impervo

The coverage is excellent!



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