Saturday, July 23, 2011

Brick Front Steps - Complete Makeover!

Our front brick steps were in major disrepair.  The previous owners patched it back together with mortar and cement, but after this winter it was coming apart.  It was dangerous for people coming up to the house and looked like a wreck. 

I don't have a before photo, but it looked something like this:

source: google images

Okay, it wasn't this bad, but it was close.  Many of the bricks were loose and the end bricks were falling off.  The steps were super steep to boot, so it was tough for guests to navigate their way to our front door....not an ideal welcome.

I had to hire out for this.  I am not a mason, although I do like that name for a boy.  I asked around and got a few estimates.  I liked one mason named Red Hutson right away and he gave me the best price and came highly recommended..Yay!   

The re-construction took longer than Red thought.  It ended up needing more new bricks because the old ones were disintegrating.  Also, the base was very shoddily done in the first place so Red had to re-do the base also.  

Okay, in the end it turned out great and I'm so happy with the result:

It looks like it's been this way all along!  Fits in perfectly.  And the limestone slates clean up the brick pavers and will make it easier to clean off the snow.  Not to mention people won't trip coming up the steps!

Red even took out the pavers on the landing and put a limestone slate so the steps blend nicely with the landing:

Now, what color should I paint the front door?

A safe and nice looking set of front brick and limestone stairs make me smile!


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